Talent Bookings Terms and Conditions:

The Agency's booking confirmation form, along with these terms and conditions, constitute the agreement between the client and the Agency for each booking. The client must sign and return the booking confirmation form to confirm the booking. Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Any amendments or variations to the booking confirmation form must be agreed upon by the Agency in advance and confirmed in writing. In case of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the booking confirmation form, these terms and conditions will prevail.

Booking Fees:
The booking fees cover the cost of using one image within a specific time frame in the United Kingdom. This is contingent upon making the full payment.
Any extra expenses that the Agency occurs on behalf of the client will be added to the charges, which will include a 12.5% increase on the total expense amount.

Location Bookings:
The client is responsible for providing transport to and from the location, unless otherwise agreed.
If a model is unable to return to London due to a location booking, the client will be charged half the daily fee for each day the model cannot return.
The client must conduct a health and safety assessment of the location and inform the Agency of any potential risks.

Additional fees apply for using the models image beyond the initial permitted use, both in terms of media and territory.
Fees for additional usage cover the right to use one image for a specified period, unless agreed otherwise.
The additional usage fee will not be lower than the model's day rate, unless determined otherwise by the Agency.

Other Services:
Fees for additional services, such as personal appearances, will be negotiated separately for each case.

Agency Fees:
Invoicing for all bookings, except equity contract TV commercials, will be done by the Agency.
For equity contract TV commercials in the United Kingdom, the agency commission is deducted at 20% of the invoice total.
For non-equity contract TV commercials outside the United Kingdom, model disbursement and agency fees are charged separately.

Payment and VAT:
Payment is required within 30 days of the invoice date, and the client is responsible for settlement.
VAT and other taxes or duties are not included in the fees and must be paid in full by the client.

Cancellations and Provisional Bookings:
Cancellation fees apply if the client cancels within 24 hours of the booking call time.
Provisional bookings will be automatically cancelled if not confirmed within 24 hours.

Model Care and Safety:
Certain types of photography require the prior written approval of the agency.
The client must ensure the model is treated with respect and professionalism, providing a safe working environment and suitable rest periods.
Behind-the-scenes filming is allowed if the model is ready, and the client must adhere to health and safety standards.
Proper credit must be given to the model and the agency whenever applicable.

The client warrants that they have the capacity to enter into the agreement and will comply with all applicable laws and industry practices.
The client will take necessary steps to protect and treat the model in accordance with the law and industry standards.