Enhancing Website Experience at Elite Portfolio Management

This Cookie Policy outlines how Elite Portfolio Management utilizes cookies on its website to enhance user experience and improve website functionality. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as described below. This policy is compliant with applicable data protection laws, including the Swiss data protection law, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the United Kingdom data protection law.

Data Controller

The data controller responsible for this Cookie Policy is Elite Licensing Company SAGL, a Switzerland-based company with its registered office at Via Giuseppe Cattori 3, 6900 Lugano Paradiso (referred to as the "Company" hereafter). As per Article 27 GDPR, Elite Model Management Milano Srl, located at Via Tortona 35, 20144 Milano, Italia, has been designated as the European Union Representative of the Company.For inquiries or to exercise privacy rights related to this Cookie Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email at info@eliteportfoliomanagement.com or by sending a letter to Elite Licensing Company SAGL, Giuseppe Cattori 3, 6900 Lugano Paradiso, Switzerland, attention to DPO.

This Cookie Policy specifically applies to the website eliteportfoliomanagement.com, including its sub-pages.

However, please note that if you are redirected to external websites through links on our website, those websites are not covered by this policy. We encourage users to review the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of those external websites. Types of Cookies and Purpose Cookies are small text strings that websites send to users' browsers, where they are stored. Cookies play a vital role in website functionality, session monitoring, storing information, and improving user experience. They may also be used to create user profiles and customize marketing messages. Similar results can be achieved through other tools, such as reading browser information or device identification codes like 'MAC address' or 'device fingerprinting.'

As per current cookie-related regulations, technical cookies, necessary for website functionality and essential for communication over electronic networks or providing explicitly requested services, do not require user consent. For all other types of cookies, we request prior consent.

The Cookie Management Platform (CMP) operated by Cookiebot manages cookie consent, allowing users to modify their choices at any time. Below are the types of cookies used on our website:

1 Technical Cookies:

• Authentication, validation, and storage of specific technical information
• Preference, storage and website function optimization
• Functionality cookies that enable users to purchase products or interact with website content (no consent required)

2 Analytical Cookies:

• Used to assess the effectiveness of website services and update/improve web pages
• Provide aggregate statistics without tracking individual browsing activities
• Third-party analytical cookies are contractually restricted from combining or transmitting data to other parties

3 Profiling Cookies:

• Analyze user choices and behaviors on the website
• Customize advertising, measure its effectiveness, or adapt services based on previous user visits

Cookie Banner
Upon the first visit, users are presented with a Cookie Banner containing detailed information about cookies and the opportunity to give consent (except for technical cookies). The Banner can be accessed again at any time by clicking the "Cookie Privacy" icon at the bottom of all website pages, enabling users to review and modify their cookie preferences.

The Banner is shown again when:
• Significant processing conditions change, requiring updated information
• Users delete all cookies using browser functionalities, making it impossible for us to know their previous consent
• At least six months have passed since the last display of the Banner for users who did not provide consent

Managing Cookies through Browser Settings:
Users have the option to modify their browser settings to prevent the installation or deletion of cookies on their devices.